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Having tried many attempts to locate an old work mate from my days working in the falkland islands and Ascension i lefted a post on the St Helena Island forum and within days i was united how amazing is this website Thank you.

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We were visiting St Helena in a few weeks we tried to make arrangments with several St Helena organisations after very little sucess we found this website and they arranged our visit for us amazing.

Japan visit thank you

We were trying to find a long lost friend on St Helena and found online we also contacted the person running the site and he was amazing as not only that he knew local people but he also help to connect us with our friends on Island.

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  • Cycling September 27, 2017
    I think you would have to ship your bike here. I am not sure if you can bring one in on the flight at all, you will have to check. I am not sure if you can bring one in on the flight at all. You would have to check with SA Airlink.You can ship from Capetown or […]
  • Visiting St Helena September 27, 2017
    Hi Alex. Welcome to St Helena. Your running skills will certainly be welcome also your running community or club could benefit from the St Helena festival of running 2017 which I think is in November. I am going to put you in contact with the organisers of this event and get them to send you all the information that […]
  • Clingham family August 27, 2017
    Hi David & JillHave emailed you both Category: Looking for lost St Helena family and Friends