St Helena local is your locally designed random Island news blog and information website that offers many options for saints and visitors. The blog and website site offers random news postings, a forum and newly created online shop, we also publish key information all about St (saint) Helena. This website is proud to offer one of the only online St Helena Island user forums where you can ask questions all about the Island. This website is hosted by a locally born saint who is a keen blogger, online marketing media novice and technology enthusiast.

The Idea behind the website is to contribute to the online St Helena media presence with the aim of helping those of you who would like to visit the Island, we are also keen for any interaction via our St Helena local Facebook page or online forum. St Helena is about to become a go to South Atlantic destination once our newly built airport opens up to commercial flights. The official airport opening was scheduled for May 2016 but do to safety concerns this never happened as planned. We have lots of development and upgrading going on in the background for the expansion of this website as we are keen to show of what we have to offer on St Helena. Enjoy what content is available and we are happy to received recommendations to help improve our audience.

DVD film- coming soon

RMS St Helena-The Last Farewell

Coming soon is another TL Production release. "The Last Farewell". A Documentary featuring the Royal mail ship St Helena and her service to St Helena.