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How many of you locally on St Helena have viewed the inside of what we know locally as Longwood Farm House (Bertrand’s Cottage).

Bertrand’s Cottage is located 100 yards from Longwood Dairy and a short walk away from Napoleons House which is located at the end of Longwood Avenue.

Bertrams Cottage

Longwood Farm House – credit to

Bertrand’s Cottage was the home of Grand Marshall Bertrand who was one of Napoleon Bonaparte’s renowned officers. It is almost 200 years since the first residents occupied Bertrand’s Cottage. Recently funding has been allocated for the refurbishment of the 200 year old cottage. If you have never seen inside of this historical and almost forgotton about cottage here is a well written blog post about Bertrands cottage  also showing views of the interior of  Bertrands cottage refurbishment

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