BAND OF BUILDERS Launches fundraising work wear range for fellow St Helenian employee

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A tradesman who orchestrated a real-life DIY SOS-style makeover for his cancer-stricken friend who originated from St Helena has launched a workwear range to continue his fundraising drive.

Addam Smith posted a heartfelt video on the Builders Talk Group that led to fellow tradesmen and people from across the world donating thousands of pounds to help his employee and friend Keith Ellick (from St Helena) after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The landscaper and former Grenadier Guard also organised a week-long revamp of Keith’s council-owned home, carried out by fellow tradesmen who travelled from across the country to help.

The project hit the headlines across the world, gaining celebrity support and earning the group the title ‘Band of Builders’.

What followed was a new aim to raise £100,000 so Addam and his fellow fundraisers can buy Keith’s home for him, securing his family’s future in the event of his death.

To achieve that goal, Addam is now taking things a step further and has launched a range of workwear to raise funds to #givekeithalift. bobworkwear3

“When I started this, I just wanted to help my mate but the support from builders and members of the public across the country – even the world – has been incredible,” he said.

“Our aim now is that every building site will have Band of Builders gear so we can spread the word, get more support and raise the money Keith needs to buy his house and have peace of mind that his family will be okay when he’s gone.”

The Band of Builders workwear range includes t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, tape measures, mugs and hi-viz jackets. They can all be purchased through the website

Band of Builders
Band of Builders work wear just for Builders

Any profit made through the sales of products will go into the fund set up to help Keith Ellick.

But once the £100,000 target is reached, Addam plans to continue to raise funds to help other tradesmen who find themselves on hard times.

“We’ve seen what we can do to help one guy, we could do this to help people all over the place.

“Band of Builders has captured people’s imagination and shown just how much generosity there is out there, so we can really go somewhere with this.

“I want to create a community of people across the country. They might not know each other, but when they see someone else in Band of Builders gear they’ll know they’re all wearing it for the same reasons.”

Alongside the sale of workwear, the group have started a Facebook campaign to spread the word about their efforts, posting pictures of themselves with the slogan ‘I Lifted Keith’.

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