St Helena Calender 2018

Connect with St Helena all year round

You can now bring a small piece of this St Helena charm into your home all year round in a calendar with hand-drawn patterns of the place we all love. This unique limited addition of the 2018 St Helena Calendar […]

Heart Shape water fall

Light winds, lots of rain and James town flooding.

Six months ago, St Helena experienced a very frustrating situation whereas the Island was faced with a critical water shortage. In February that situation improved when the long awaited down pour of rain finally came. Although rainfall has been fairly […]

Rent, buy, sell, or let property on St Helena.

Renting, buying or letting property on St Helena has been made simple with a website that allows you to do all of the above with a simple process. The Property finder St Helena was launched last year and continues to […]

St Helena local

Kimley Yon crowned at the Miss St Helena contest 2016

The Miss St Helena contest 2016 kicked of just after 7 PM this evening at the Prince Andrew School with the compare for the evening John Woollacott who welcomed the judges and audience to the Miss St Helena 2016 contest. […]