Earl of Wessex to attend St Helena Airport opening ceremony

St Helena local
St Helena local

The St Helena Airport opening ceremony is planned to go ahead on Saturday 21st May 2016. The Airport opening ceremony coincides with St Helena’s national day, the ceremony will take place in the

Prince Edward Credit to Zambia watchdog.com

morning of the 21st. The general public is also invited to attend this very important event. In attendance will be HRH Prince Edward the Earl of Wessex who will travel to St Helena for this historical event. The opening ceremony will be organised by St Helena Government, Enterprise St Helena, New Horizon’s and Basil Read. New Horizons will continued to organise the traditional entertainment programme of events for St Helena’s national day in Jamestown. There has been no official announcement of the first landing of Comair’s Boeing Aircraft at the airport. Comair has been contracted to operate flights from Johannesburg to St Helena. Atlantic Star Airlines has announced that they will offer a long haul charter flight from London to St Helena on the 22nd of May 2016.



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