Kimley Yon crowned at the Miss St Helena contest 2016

The Miss St Helena contest 2016 kicked of just after 7 PM this evening at the Prince Andrew School with the compare for the evening John Woollacott who welcomed the judges and audience to the Miss St Helena 2016 contest. During the introduction John announced what the winning prizes consisted of for the winner, he also took the opportunity to joke about the St Helena Airport when he compared the catwalk to be more functional than the runway at prosperous bay plain. The Judges for the evening judging the Miss St Helena 2016 contest were Mrs Elsie Hughes, Mr Nick Silverstone & Mrs Aine O’ Keefe.  John said that he was excited to be part of the show and this was the 12th addition of the Miss St Helena that had been organised by the girl guides.

Thirteen ladies took part in the contest and they were.

  1. Megan Peters of Jamestown aged 17
  2. Briana Yon of Ladder Hill. aged 27
  3. Roberta Thomas of Longwood aged 17
  4. Gemma Lawrence of St Pauls aged 19.
  5. Kylie Young of Jamestown. aged 24
  6. Jessica Sim of St Pauls aged 20
  7. Megan Young of Alarm Forest. aged 18
  8. Tara Plato Jamestown aged 18
  9. Maria Francis of Blue Hill. Aged 22.
  10. Kimley yon of Longwood.
  11. Lisa Hercules of Level wood. Aged 32
  12. Jodi Scipio Constantine of Jamestown. Aged 17
  13. Ayla Phillips of Half Tree Hollow Aged 26

The contest began with all thirteen contestants entering the stage individually to introduce themselves to the audience, they were casually dressed, this was followed by the first round of random questions based what the judges who described questions asked as getting to know you. This was followed by a parade of the contestants wearing swim and sportswear on the cat walk. After the interval of approximately 30 minutes the contestants entered the catwalk dressed in evening wear followed by another round of questions which were based on Home and away and beyond St Helena. The Judges deliberated for a short period before the next round which saw the elimination of five contestants from the group of the original thirteen. Megan Young, Kaylee Young, Jodie Scipio Constantine, Kimley Yon, Ayla Phillips, Gemma Lawrence,  Roberta Thomas, Maria Francis were the chosen eight to move to the next round to answer the third round of questions by the compare John woollacott, this was completed with a parade around the stage to allow the judges to choose the final five contestants to compete in the final round of the contest. Maria Francis, Jodie Scipio Constantine, Kimley Yon, Gemma Lawrence, Kaylee Young, were then bought to the stage to answer selected questions from envelopes handed to the compare by the Judges, one of the highlighted answers came from kimley yon who said “if the crown was place on her head tonight she would donate half of her winnings to the disable and elderly on St Helena” This round of questions concluded the contest before the final decision was made by the judges who would decide the winner of Miss St Helena 2016.  During the evening on stage the audience were entertained by the O Keefe sisters, Paul Tyson, Megan Francis & Nicola Essex’s dance group.  After much deliberation the compare welcomed the contestants back on stage along with Miss St Helena 2014 (Sinead Green) who made a speech about her time and success as Miss St Helena for the past two years. This was followed by the announcement of the 2nd Runner up who was judged on self-assurance and  great natural beauty this was won by contestant number 12 Jodie Scipio Constantine who was presented with a prize of £200.00 and gift vouchers that was donated by Island businesses. 1st Runner up was judged on how passionate and political driven she was this was won by contestant number 5 Kaylee Young from Jamestown who was presented with £350.00 and gift vouchers.

Miss St Helena Kimley Yon contestant number 10 was crowned the winner of Miss St Helena 2016 and Kimley was judged on her level of intelligence and compassion and took away a prize of 700 pounds and a Laptop along with gift vouchers.  Kimley who originates from Longwood wore an elegant green dress for her final stage appearance. The night was rounded off with a speech by Mrs Alice Greentree who thanked everyone who had contributed followed by consolation prizes for all who took part along with a gift of appreciation as a ‘thank you’ to the Judges for their efforts. The contest was also broadcasted live via South Atlantic Media Services. Outstanding images of the evening can be found here on Darren and Sharon Henrys blog