Support to Lift Keith continues and Keith marries his partner Sasha.

Addam Smith
Addam Smith (front) and Keith Ellick.

Back in May we contributed to the fascinating story about how a group of builders and tradesmen led by Adam Smith from Lincoln UK, help ex-serviceman and fellow St Helenian Keith Ellick by renovating his house and garden shortly after he was told the news that he was diagnosed with cancer.

Many of you who will recall Adam Smith who owns ALS fencing and landscaping as well as a member of the 18000 member Facebook group “builders talk forum” has continued to support Keith through his illness and is determined to help raise funding to buy Keith’s House.

band of builders clothing
Band of Builders clothing is now available for sale. every order that is processed attracts a donation of £5.00

Addam who originally setup has recently produced a logo with the title “Band of Builders/lift Keith” has teamed up with a printing firm from Lincoln  to print the newly designed  logo onto tradesmen work clothing such as hoodies, T-shirts and high viz waistcoats.

The work clothing with the new logo is now available for sale to the tradesmen and the general public and every order that is processed attracts a donation of £5 to the lift Keith fund. The T-shirts which cost £10, Hoodies £20.00 and the high viz waistcoats that cost £5.00 are available to buy from  a minimum of two garments are accepted, orders can only be taken via the telephone however it is thought that online ordering will be available soon.

Keith and Sasha Ellick
Keith and Sasha tied the knot today at a wedding ceremony in Lincoln UK.


Another successful event that raised funds for the lift Keith fund was held on Saturday night at the Regent Hotel in Swindon Wiltshire UK, this event was well attended with over 120 people attending and was organised by Nick and Kaylee Crowie.

Keith who is doing well and responding to his treatment has reached another milestone event today as he married his partner Sasha in a low-key ceremony which took place at 12 noon in Lincoln.

The ceremony was witnessed by the Keith and Sasha’s family and friends and invited guest along with a special guest Addam Smith and his family who is the founder and motivator behind the lift Keith Fund.  Also attending were some of the builders that helped to renovate Keith’s house, there was also a surprise visit from the RAF Regiment who were formed the guard of honour.  Addam mention in his update earlier this evening that during the entire event there was not a dry tear in the house today.




Photo’s supplied by Addam Smith.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish (below) Keith and Sasha all the very best for future.



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