Live streaming and road show with Atlantic Star Airlines

St Helena local
St Helena local

Congratulations to Johnny & Richard for yesterday’s success of the live streaming via the St Helena local Facebook page. Do log onto the link below (courtesy of Johnny Clingham) – the discussion provides some very useful information about A Star flight services. Whilst Johnny &Richard were engaging with saints on line yesterday with questions and answers, I was with Aiden & Andy (the other two Directors of A Star), meeting with saints & others at Peter Jones, Sloane Square, London. Many thanks to those who attended or dialled in. Both events were a huge success. Next week I will be with the Directors at a second event in Swindon. This is an opportunity to meet face to face and find out more about what A Star has to offer. A gentle reminder about where/when this is taking place:

Great Western Hotel

73 Station Road



Time 1.30pm – 4pm

A link to the original video is here

A copy will be available shortly on the Atlantic Star Airlines website.  a. Thanks. G-Jack Thomas Please Share with your friends.

Updated a low bandwidth audio only copy is here for St Helena and The Falkland Island viewers or other capped internet users





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