How to get to St Helena?

Getting to St Helena is not as easy as getting to most other Island destinations. Up until July 2016 the only means of getting to the Island would be on board the RMS St Helena

St Helena Location
St Helena is Located in the South Atlantic Ocean

The RMS (Royal Mail Ship) St Helena was launched in 1989 specifically to service the Island of St Helena. She is a British registered 6,767 gross tonnes passenger cargo vessel and has passenger berths for a maximum of 154 passengers plus 56 officers and crew. The RMS is expected to retired from service to the Island in July 2016 and the new Airport is scheduled to open in May 2016.

In May 2016 the new Airport will open, Comair a South African base operator was contracted by the government to provide a regular weekly air service. Comair will offer this service from Johannesburg to St Helena. It is hoped that the service will connect to scheduled London bound flights both inbound and outbound. It is hoped that this Service will attract returning saints and tourist to the Island and also improve access to the Island.

Atlantic Star Airlines a newly created operator is also in the process of offering charter flights directly from the Luton UK via Banjul to St Helena, it is hoped that the service will begin soon after the airport opens in May 2016

It is anticipated that the announcement of the cost of the flights will be forthcoming after the Airport gains its certification some time in mid April 2016 and it is also hoped that the airport be commissioned into service sometime in May 2016.