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Rent, buy, sell, or let property on St Helena

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Renting, buying or letting property on St Helena has been made simple with a website that allows you to do all of the above with a simple process.

The Property finder St Helena was launched last year and continues to deliver the one stop service for property owners and anyone just wanting to buy or rent property on St Helena.

Owners of property who would like to sell or rent their property can do so by simply navigating to

You could use either option to submit your details;

St Helena property finder
The St Helena Property Finder Website
(i) “the contact us option” on the info menu or at the bottom of the page, or ;

(ii) by using the do it your self-option by selecting the submit property which can be found at the top right corner of the website. First timers will have to register first.

St Helena property finder websiteIn both options above and if you prefer, the property finder can do it for you. This can simply be done by using the contact us link and completing the form provided.

Renting property on St Helena is becoming very popular as we get closer to welcoming commercial flights to the Island. Property sales are not as frequent but you can find residential properties that are been offered up for sale.

Land sales is another option to invest in on St Helena and there are a few options and land sales available

How much does it cost to advertise your property with the property finder?

Property owners who advertise with the property finder for the first time will be offered attractive fix pricing unlike other property websites, advertising is commission based on value.

Property owners who own more than one rental property and would like to submit their listing will be offered a discounted price on multiple listings.

What are the benefits of listing on the property finder

gives you the advantage of getting new clients into your property every time a ship or aircraft arrives on Island.
Generates more organic income
Helps to build a strong reputation as a property owner for your future business.
Allows you to communicate directing with your customers once your property is listed
All enquiries are automated and are received directly by the property owner. Therefore, your confidentially is upheld.
To contact the Property finder, feel free to use the contact us page.