London to St Helena – The RMS St Helena’s down river Journey

St Helena local
St Helena local

15.30 GMT 11062016.

After a few days of life in the spotlight of media and other high-profile visitors whilst moored on the River Thames the RMS St Helena will depart HMS Belfast and make her way towards the entrance of Tower Bridge and proceed along the River towards the London cruise terminal at Tilbury where tomorrow around 600 members of the public will enjoy a free tour of the ship that was pre-arranged prior to her arrival in the UK. The RMS is expected to depart at 17.30 and arrive at 17.45 BST today at Tower Bridge.

Updated 1900 GMT:

As onlookers gathered along the River near London’s Tower Bridge this afternoon A typical Saint Helena atmosphere gathered a memento, “within a short period of time the passing of the RMS under the bridge was over in a flash” quoted one onlooker who had travelled all the way from Wiltshire to witness the RMS arriving and departing the River Thames. The clicking of camera shutters and tones of mobile phones capturing the moment could be heard in the afternoon breeze as the sound of the London Bridge opened for the last time to let the Royal Mail Ship St Helena passed below.  Here are some of those moments captured that will probably never be witness ever again in history.





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