St Helena local

St Helena Airport officially certified but you cannot fly here just yet.

Air Safety Support International (ASSI) has officially issued the aerodrome certificate for the St Helena

Z9-UCT at St Helena Airport
Z9-UCT at St Helena Airport

Airport. (HLE) Although the St Helena Airport is now officially certified there are still ongoing parallel tasks that requires completion before flights can commercially operate here. ASSI is satisfied with the entire airport infrastructure, aviation security measures and air traffic control service as it complies with international aviation safety and security standards.  As part of a parallel process to the ASSI certification a priority task is underway to implement a process to manage turbulence and wind shear at the airport approach that was identified during the implementation flight. Its essential that this task is completed to ensure the safety of commercial operations as safety is the number one priority for all airports. The Airport certification is valid until the 9th of November 2016 and will require a review for recertification before that date in order to continue ongoing operations. Achieving certification is a milestone for any Airport, especially one that was newly built from the ground up and especially in this geographical location.



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