St Helena to make a plan for the next ten years.

It is thought that St Helena has suffered from a short term approach when it comes to planning.

St Helena Government has announced that it has decided to develop a ten year strategic plan for St Helena. The government has said that the plan is only possible with partnership from the community. This is now taking place in a form of public meetings and discussion’s around the Island to get residents views on the way forward. Residents are also encouraged to discuss this with elected members of council. On completion of the discussion’s a draft plan will be released for consultation.

For those who cannot attend these meetings one can submit their Ideas directly by email to the cooperate policy and planning unit at the castle at the following email address.

Although it is thought that some of the meetings have not been that well attended for such an important subject in some areas attendee’s numbers fail to rise above twenty.

There has been much confusion amongst some members of the public as to the reason behind the idea of the ten year planning; It is also thought that the reason behind the ten year plan is to meet requirements by European Development Fund who funds some of the Islands infrastructure.

Some attendees have said “officials heading up the constituency meetings have not state to the public the real reason behind the plan.” This has left some members of the public frustrated with the idea as it would seem that, “ No ten year plan no funding from EDF”

The Island has been grateful more recently for funding from EDF to stabilise the cliff overhanging the Capital Jamestown, the Wharf development and other projects. However, constituents are so eager to speak about other issues that seemed outstanding and is ongoing such as development of roads, sewage outfall in Jamestown, the running of a better health services  good quality drinking water and better agriculture management practices and other policies that the Chairman at these meetings have to keep bringing the meeting back on track to the subject under review. “What developments would you like to see take place on St. Helena in the next ten years” Many Saints are saying that there are a number of more important issues that need attention before heading down the road to a ten year plan.

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