First Comair/BA Boeing 737-800 parked the Apron at HLE St Helena Airport

Is St Helena’s Airport about to face another issue because of Comair’s licensing conditions?

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The announcement of the delayed opening of the St Helena Airport has sent ripples across the world of tourism dreams said the

There are no doubts Saints and potential tourist alike are still recovering from the news but are still re-planning their plan of attack for their St Helena return/visit this year despite the delayed airport opening due to safety concerns.

First Comair/BA Boeing 737-800 parked the Apron at HLE St Helena Airport

Returning Saints are left in frustration on how to plan their return to St Helena as some of them are saying they are preparing for worse case scenarios, “This is something that we cannot help as we have been down this road before and we have to attend a family event that we have planned” said one frustrated saint.

Just when the Island and its people thought that some of their questions were about to be answered and the islands future was looking up as the new first lady governor Lisa Phillips assured everyone in her opening speech on arrival that a new modern government was about to be delivered on St Helena and flights to and from St Helena’s Airport were only weeks away. It all seems too good to be true for St Helena, as this is abnormal success for the Island is almost unheard off especially in a short space of time.

The news of the airport delay broke only days after the new lady governor took up office on St Helena. However today another story has appeared online here that could have some serious impact on St Helena’s Airport and the Islands future and could raise a concern for the Airport project providing this article is factual and Comair fails to comply.

The article titled “Comair may fall foul of licensing conditions” What does this means for St Helena should Comair not comply?

The published article reads as follows “Listed Airline Company Comair has been given until 11 May to comply with the conditions of its Air Services License. Failure to do so could lead to the suspension of, or cancellation of the license, the Air Services Licensing Council (ASLC) told Money web on Thursday. In terms of the Air Services Licensing Act nobody is permitted to operate a commercial air service without a valid Air Service License. Read more about the article here.

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