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Atlantic Star Airlines lands in Swindon on a road trip with Saints.

Shirly Brooks talk with Aiden Welch

Atlantic Star Airlines directors Aiden Welch and Richard Brown hosted their final and second scheduled informal event on Saturday 23rd April at the Great Western Hotel in Swindon UK. The Idea of the event was to deliver information and answer questions in a roadshow styled fashion about the services offered by A-Star Airlines to potential passengers who are interested in using the service and flying direct from the UK to St Helena. Shirly A-starThe event was scheduled for 13.30 and approximately fifty people attended. Some of the attendees were passengers that were ready to book on the May, October and December flights. There were many questions asked by the audience and it was thought by many attending that most of the answers given emphasized the passion of Atlantic Stars continued commitment to providing the first direct air service from the UK to St Helena. Also in attendance was Councillor Derek Thomas who only left St Helena last week who incidentally was one of the first Saints to fly from The St Helena Airport on the Comair Boeing 737 implementation flight. Derek’s flying time was approximate 12 hours in comparison toPam A-star a five day Journey on the RMS and a flight from Cape Town with a potential overnight stop for his connection to London on a direct flight. Atlantic Star Airlines are scheduling their first flight to depart Luton Airport

Derek Thomas meeting Directors of Atlantic Star.
Derek Thomas meeting Directors of Atlantic Star.

around 22/23 May 2016 on a Boeing 737 that is owned and operated by TUI-fly that will fly to Banjul making a stopover for refueling and then travel to St Helena to arrive AM the morning after. The team at Atlantic Star is passionate about offering a direct UK to St Helena as and alternative to the contracted air service offered by Comair from Jo-burg. This means that you will now have a choice of two air services going to St Helena, although Atlantic star won’t offer a regular service this year but they have announced chartered flight dates for May and October.