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We Don’t Sell Fast Food, We Sell Fresh Food as fast as we can at the new Sandwich Bar?

With no regular flights to St Helena and no influx of predicted tourist walking around town there is no stopping business in Jamestown for Island Images. Last week Island Images were hosting visitors on a private jet, This week they have opened branch number two of the popular Sandwich Bar in Jamestown.  Island Images who offers several business services to the St Helena’s tourism industry has opened a second Sandwich Bar branch today at the market in Jamestown. The market in Jamestown which was recently renovated offers various size units  that host several private local businesses.

The Sandwich Bar offers a range of fresh sandwiches, baguettes, buns with various fillings, a selection of salads, homemade cakes, panni’s, toasties, sushi and more.  Derek and Linda Richards who owns the Sandwich Bar, offers an amazing service unlike other takeaway facilities on Island, The Sandwich bar opens 6 days a week and offers a daily menu to their customers direct to their email inbox every day and also online or you can dial-a-Sandwich. This service works for us and the customer said Derek as people can order ahead of time and this drives down the wait time for customers on the go. Island Images also offers dining facilities with a difference for events and takeaway parties, along with Travel and Tour services for anyone visiting St Helena, information about services offered can be found on their website. If you have used the service at the Sandwich bar please feel free to leave your feedback at the bottom of their listed business here on the Islands business directory.


Living in Paradise – It could be possible as Paradise is re-offered for sale.

Have you ever dreamt about living in paradise?  This could now be possible for someone who is interested in buying an Island business which has a proven track record of success since 1994. If this sounds like something that would interest you then you would be please to know that Pub Paradise has been re-offered for sale. Pub Paradise which is located at the entrance to Longwood which is the home of one of the biggest Island tourist attractions (Napoleons House) Pub Paradise is also on route to the St Helena Airport which lies only a few kilometres away and also a stone throw away from one of the renowned Islands senior schools.

Pub Paradise is a fully established popular Island business and features a fully detached property and consist of a fully functional bar and patio. The Pub has a seating capacity of seventy five. The large kitchen area is spacious and suitable for accommodating all event catering needs. The Pub also features secluded residential home comforts that is located at the rear of the property which has a dining area, lounge,  two large bedrooms and a bathroom and toilet. A large garage is also included along with a storeroom and a basement that can accommodate two large vehicles. Two twenty foot storage containers which is also included in the sale. The property has a large garden, lawn, along with off-road private customer parking. Anyone interested in this amazing business venture can Email Pub Paradise for more details about the sale of Pub Paradise.

Proposed Food safety ordinance could increase cost of living on St Helena

The majority of food products sold to the consumer in a Supermarket on St Helena Island normally costs more than double and in some cases almost triple the actual price that can be seen in your normal high street supermarket outlet in South Africa or the UK.

local meats
local meats

St Helena depends on the majority of its food products to be imported from South Africa or transshipped from the UK which is then delivered to St Helena on the RMS St Helena. As a result, this makes the cost of living rather high and the reason behind such a high price tag is due to the freight cost which is among the highest in the world and already is expected to be increased within the new shipping service to be provided by Andrew Weir Shipping. However the cost of living is set to increase if the new proposed Food Safety Ordinance 2016 gets approved in its entirety by Legislative Council. It has been highlighted that certain components of the Ordinance will impact everyone who lives in or is hoping to visit St Helena. One of the main parts of the Ordinance which will have an adverse effect is the Governments plan to ban the importation of fresh or frozen meat products from South Africa. St Helena imports frozen meats such as Chicken, Pork, Sausages, Beef, Lamb, Fish and Bacon from South Africa as the Island cannot produce or meet demand locally. The new drafted Food Safety Ordinance dictates that importers of meat products will only be allowed to import meat from approved EU suppliers.  Merchants on the Island do not import frozen products on a large-scale on the transhipment service from the UK, as the cost and risk of doing so has massive financial impacts if the frozen products don’t reach the Island in the correct storage conditions and merchants would be directly responsible for the shipment regardless of the condition on arrival. It is also not cost-effective to tranship frozen goods as there is a massive price difference on UK frozen products at source compared to SA products.


Speaking directly to some importers on the Island the forecast that if they are forced to import meat product from the EU authorized suppliers and not from South Africa under the new regulations then this would lead firstly to an increase to almost four times the price at source, and most certainly a reduction in the choice of products imported. Such a move by the Government will greatly increase the risk of food security because it will take 10 weeks to resupply goods from the UK if unexpected shortages occur. Re-sellers and small business owners like service providers in the catering industry fear that this will impact their business massively as they will have to increase their prices for visitors and locals alike. They also believe that this will not encourage clients to use their service as regular as they do now and will result in less income. One business owner stated he is frustrated with the new legislation whilst it is understood that a number of pieces of legislation are being revamped or introduced to support a potential new tourist industry, in this particular instance, they can see no logic in the banned importation of meat products from South Africa. South Africa is one of the tourist capitals of the world and as a business owner put it “I am certain tourists  don’t take their own meat products with them” This is particularly reasoning when in this large tourism continent, there are never many or no cases identifying food quality problems as long as there are systems in place monitoring the distribution, catering and hospitality industries.  Another local St Helenian commented that “The idea of banning meats from South Africa makes no sense to me what if Britain decides to leave the EU in a few months after the referendum then this will make us look silly”


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First ever business jet to land at St Helena Airport.

Three pilots and eight passengers will arrive on a bombardier challenger 300 business jet at The new St Helena Airport (HLE) this coming Sunday the 10th April 2016. The eight passenger’s arriving forms part of the airport

project, A team of five personal will also arrive from Air Safety Support International.  Justin Rothwell from ASSI who is a senior aerodrome inspector will lead the team who will carry out a site audit of the new airport as part of the certification process. The bombardier 300 will conduct several take off and landings at the airport as part of the testing phase to test air traffic control and other related systems.

The arrival time is set for 11.30am on Sunday but this time will depend on the weather and departure time from Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg. It is anticipated that all work will be completed and the flight will leave St Helena on Friday morning 15th April.  Air Safety Support International will issue a formal response about the certification of the St Helena Airport on completion of this visit. To have a look inside of the new St Helena airport please click here to see Darren Henrys in depth tour of the Amazing Airport terminal and facilities.