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The Last Farewell of The RMS St Helena one year ago

On 22nd May 2016 exactly one year ago today the RMS St Helena weigh anchor and set sailed from St Helena to the UK on her last north bound UK voyage.

On completion of this voyage The RMS was scheduled to be weeks away from ending her service to St Helena and the South Atlantic Islands after 26 years.

An amateur video production of the 58 minute documentary film “The last Farewell” captures that voyage and life on board the RMS as a tribute to the mail ship, her crew and the people of St Helena.

Here is a sneak preview of the film that will be available in the next few weeks both on St Helena and online.

This film was produced by TL Production St Helena

Please feel free to share and tag anyone that appears in this film.

BNS Araguari arriving in James bay this morning

The Brazilian Naval offshore patrol ship Araguari has just arrived (0800) in James bay. The Araguari will remain in James bay until 10 am tomorrow. 

An evening reception for the ships company is planned for this evening at the Briars.

The RMS St Helena is also due to depart St Helena today.

More info to follow.