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Another visitor MS Queen Victoria waved as she passed St Helena.

The MS Queen Victoria made a close pass to the Island at around 17: 00 GMT. (45 minutes ago) The Queen Victoria is heading to Ascension Island on a course of 312 degrees. The Queen Victoria’s last port of call was Walvis Bay she is due to call at Ascension Island at 09:00 on Friday. She is travelling at 17.3 knots and the remaining distance to go to Ascension is 699 nautical miles, The Victoria has travelled 8.537 nautical miles since leaving Singapore. It is not known at this time how many passengers are on board but Andy and Lorraine Repetto from Tristan da Cunha are amongst the passengers travelling from Cape Town to Southampton.   The Captain of the Queen Victoria manoeuvred his majestic liner to what seemed like 8 cables from the shore and in reasonably close proximity to the RMS St Helena as it made better photography of both ships as opposed to the distant passing of the QUEEN VICTORIA’s sister vessel the South bound QUEEN ELIZABETH a few months ago. The sound of both ships greeting each other with blasts of the ships horns was particularly breath taking and it’s an event that seem to be losing popularity in recent years, this visit was witnessed by eagered on-lookers lining the fence at Ladder Hill Colonnade, some 600 feet above sea level.

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A special thanks to our on Island keen maritime photographer who has immediately supplied the photos of this event.