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Water sport on St Helena

Have you ever thought about visiting St Helena and wondered if you could enjoy any type of water sport activities during your stay, knowing that St Helena has one of the world safest oceans surrounding it.

The answer to the question is yes you can enjoy a variety of water sport activities during your visit.

The water temperature varies throughout the year, obviously during the summer months the temperatures are higher and a lot cooler during the winter.

The majority of Jet-skis are privately own but there are a few small tour operators now offering jet-ski hire and there are others interested parties that are preparing to setup Jet-ski rental along with other water sport possibilities.

Other small tour operators are also offering inshore fishing which is slowly becoming a highlight for visitors who would like to explore St Helena’s ocean paradise.

The video below shows a short preview of a locally organise water sport’s afternoon in Rupert’s Bay.

This is a fast growing pastime for the Island community.

If you were thinking of returning or going to live on St Helena you can purchase and ship a jet-ski to the Island, you will be expected to pay customs duties on its value but there is no registration required for using this type of watercraft on St Helena




Along side at the Ruperts Jetty

Another milestone in St Helena’s’ history was made on Sunday the 3rd July 2016 when the Basil Read chartered MV Greta docked/berthed alongside of the newly built jetty at Rupert’s Bay.
The MV Greta which arrived at St Helena on Friday 1st July was unable to move alongside of the jetty on Saturday due to unfavourable weather conditions. The MV Greta’s scheduled visit to St Helena was to deliver and collect freight for Basil Read who are the Islands Airport engineering contractor. Also on board of the vessel were a few containers of general cargo for the Island which were unloaded onto Solomon’s Barges and then transported to Jamestown. This is the very first time a vessel has docked alongside of the new jetty. Basil Read’s chartered NP Glory 4 was also the first vessel to dock alongside at the temporary jetty that was built for offloading equipment for the St Helena airport project. The MV Greta is 100.6 meters long and was built in 2007, she has a draft of 4.4 meters which is ideal for berthing alongside of the Islands jetty which can accommodate vessels with a draught of up to 6.5 meters.