Hello St Helena (HLE) we are on our way as 737-800 departs JNB for HLE.

After landing at 18.20 yesterday at Johannesburg International Airport. BA’s Boeing 737-800 operated by Comair is airborne again and heading on her maiden and historical journey to St Helena and she is travelling at 405 knots and at altitude of 38000 feet. This is the first flight to the Islands new Airport for the Boeing 737 registration ZS-ZWG. This will be one of many journeys that the aircraft will operate on every Saturday morning to St Helena for the 737. The Aircraft reported online that its ATD from Johannesburg around 10.44 local time. She is also carrying some passengers for the Island. more info to follow after arrival.

ZS-ZWG – British Airways Boeing 737-800 arrival at St Helena

As published last week the first British Airways Boeing 737-800 registration ZS-ZWG  (As shown in the video below)  operated by Comair is scheduled to arrive at the St Helena Airport on Monday April 18th 2016 at around 11.40 GMT.  ZS-ZWG is the actual aircraft designated for the Jo-burg to St Helena route. The Aircraft will depart Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg at 08.30 GMT +2 This is an implementation flight as mentioned previously in a posting on April 7th 2016.  The BA/Comair flight to St Helena will allow Comair to conduct an assessment of the flight route and observe and implement other airside airport procedures in time for the commencement of regular flights to the Island.