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We are going live with Atlantic Star Airlines

We are going live with Richard Brown from Atlantic Star Airlines on the 16th April 2016 with a question and answer session. This is a live streaming video question and answer session . As you all

Atlantic star goes live
Atlantic star goes live

know A-Star will take off from the UK (May 2016) and provide a long haul charter flight direct to St Helena, this is your opportunity to be bought up to date with the latest on A-star and the chance to ask and discuss with A-Star what they can offer St Helena passengers on the London to St Helena Charter. Providing we have no technical issues the live stream is intended to be streamed to our face book timeline live at approximately 10.00 GMT or 11.00 UK time. Our face book page is here If you have any questions on the live stream the process is simple and easy. . Wait for the stream to appear on our timeline . Add your questions into the comments below the live stream. . We will ask the question and A-Star director Rich Brown will give his views and answer your questions. Depending on the amount of interest we hope that we can ask all of the questions submitted. Do you have a question and don’t want to have it asked on the time line? Feel free to Email them to or PM us here Don’t forget to like us on Facebook or visit our website We look forward to receiving your questions for A-Star by 09.00 GMT.



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