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Weather conditions forces RMS St Helena to depart tristan early.

Enjoying refreshments at Cafe da Cunha

The RMS St Helena departed Tristan da Cunha 24 hours earlier than scheduled on the Wednesday 20th April after weather conditions were forecasted to get worse that evening. Tristan’s tourism director said it is thought that 75 percent of the passengers on board of the RMS were RMS-embarking-last-of-the-visitorsable to get ashore for the short period on Wednesday after the bad sea conditions the day before made it impossible for passengers to get ashore. Shortly after the designated Governor Ms Lisa Phillips and Alex Cameron from FCO boarded the ship after a day ashore on the island meeting with Island officials, The RMS departed around 18.00 but could still be seen lit on the horizon

Last passengers to leave the tristan da Cunha Harbour
Last passengers to leave the tristan da Cunha Harbour

during the community party at the Prince Phillip Hall where the islanders were celebrating the recognition of the RMS and its last Journey and service to the Island as well as the celebration of her majesty’s the queen’s 90th Birthday. Tourism said that the Island was very busy and buzzing for the very short visit, passengers could be seen walking around the settlement and also relaxing and sampling the locally made snacks on sale at café da cunha (which is the local café hotspot for visitors)

Governor Ms Lisa Phillips and Alex Cameron
Governor Ms Lisa Phillips and Alex Cameron

Also on-board travelling on the RMS were a couple who were hoping to celebrate their five year of wedding anniversary on the Island. Departing on the RMS from Tristan was Island factory manager Mr Eric Mackenzie. The RMS will now arrive in Jamestown St Helena AM on Monday which is a day earlier than scheduled. The welcoming of designated governor Ms Lisa Phillips will now take place on Monday and not on Tuesday as originally planned. The Inauguration Ceremony will also take place on Monday shortly after the ships arrival.



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